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GoPro Session 4/5 Side Chin Mount

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So I’ve had a few people recently ask me how I’ve got my GoPro Session 5 mounted so I thought I’d quickly write up the solution for you all.

I see a lot of different mount solutions in the wild but I’ve always been a fan of the chin view. Annoyingly my AGV K3-SV is fairly pointy on the chin so the typical mount would never work (or at least work well).

The solution? A side mount with extra brackets.

The parts

The curved GoPro 3M mount and case bracket comes with the GoPro Session 5 – you’ll need the following extensions (you’ll be left with spares but I couldn’t find any single brackets…)

The main one is the 1st bracket that attaches to the camera case, this changes the angle of the bracket allowing you to curve the arm around your helmet (hope that makes sense…).

I also bought myself some smaller bolts for a more tidy look:

~ Any opinions? Suggestions? Let me know! @davidpottrell.

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