Who are you and what is this place?

My name is David, a 20 something year old with an interest in web design, development, photography and anything motorbike related.

This website serves as somewhere I can keep anything I’ve made that might be of use or entertaining value for those who find it (ie, you).

That’s it really, no real back story, no drama, no evil villain or an arch rival (yet).

Some facts you might be interested in (or not)

  1. I use a Fuji x100T for any photography stuff
  2. I don many hats when it comes to web design. With 12+ years in the web industry I’ve worked as a web designer, developer, digital marketer(SEO), graphic designer, email marketer, social media specialist and photographer.
  3. I own a Honda Grom MSX125
  4. I use a GoPro Session 5 for any vlogging
  5. I’m from Bristol, UK
  6. I don’t accept Facebook friend requests
  7. Web stuff I usually hang around on /r/web_design
  8. Bike stuff I usually hang around on /r/motoUK and Discord

2018 David Pottrell