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Data Label on WordPress Navigation

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Hey guys, I thought this might be of interest – nothing more than a code dump. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below!

This code snippet allows you to add data-labels to your WordPress (wp_nav_menu) navigation items. Why would you want to do this? In my particular case, I’m using it as a ‘hover state’  for a client build – When the user hovers over a menu item, the data-label scrolls in as the menu item scrolls out creating a nice little effect.

Just a heads up, this code was made on a random ‘light bulb’ moment so the code could do with some cleaning up! (I’ll get round to it eventually ;-))



Add the following into your functions.php

Add this into your header.php

Next, just add a ‘Description’ to each Menu Item via the Appearance > Menu admin page (if you can’t see the option, look top-right, toggle ‘Screen options’ and check ‘Description’).


Thoughts? Comments?

WordPress 4.4 – Clifford

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Clifford Brown
Usually I’m not one to share WordPress news, mainly because it’s often widely reported before I get there. But I needed an excuse to test out the new WordPress 4.4 updates of course! You can read more about the Clifford 4.4 update below (in a handy new link style!) – (That I’m still trying to work out…) It works!

Chrome WP-Admin Bugfix

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So I’ve noticed quite a few users discussing the latest issue with Chrome and WordPress, in the particular the admin panel where it breaks every so often (in particular, not every link is visible until you interact with it).

I won’t go into a great amount of detail because it has been well documented elsewhere by Jeff Chandler. That said, if you’re interested in a more client friendly approach then carry on reading!