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How to become a Front-End Web Developer

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So you want to become a Front-End Web Developer? Great! It’s a fantastic job with many hurdles but just as many rewards.

So what skills/knowledge would set you up nicely for the job?

Front-End Web Developers create the face of a website. They work alongside web designers to create the sublime or can even craft the design themselves. They create interactive masterpieces and experiences that make the web the addictive environment it is today.

Sounds good right? Of course different employers are looking for different skills within the Front-End Developer umbrella.

Timelapse of Not Greedy Website Development

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Ever wonder what happens when a web designer/developer gets hold of a Polaroid Cube+ during work for a client? A pretty neat little timelapse video happens that’s what! If you can bare the ‘odd’ music selection it’s definitely worth a watch :-)

Just a little preview of how the Not Greedy Media homepage was designed on the fly. Usually it takes a little longer but I had already drawn out the rough sketch on a notepad beside me.

Perks of the job

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It’s important that in any field of work you’re currently in, you find positives to feel good about. Whether those positives are tucking away on the amazing BBQ Pulled Pork Burritos from the local Friska or a fantastic quote from a web design client from a previous project. The latter has influenced this particular blog post and I’d like to share it.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to David Pottrell for helping design my Social Paws website, although it was designed a while back he helps maintain it for me on a monthly cost effective price package.

Not only is it easy to navigate around but looks great too and when I want something changed I only need to ask! ~ Helen

I took on this web design project not too long ago for pet care and behaviour specialist, Helen at Social Paws. Her old website was built on a free template for WordPress which unfortunately didn’t offer the freedom and editing capabilities she needed. The website also, although rich with content, performed poorly with regards to SEO, something that definitely needed addressing.

Project Mocha coming soon

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Good morning all!

It’s that rare moment where I’m in bed, ready to start the day, but too lazy to move. So I thought I would put this time to good use and update you all on an exciting upcoming project (even had to download the WordPress iOS app for this as the laptop is downstairs)

So what’s going on? Well since August I’ve been working as a Front End Web Developer in Bristol as part of the Yoto Creative team. I’ve been working alongside some really talented developers and graphic gurus and have enjoyed every minute so far.

Handheld Conference 2013

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This might be a bit delayed, but I had to write about it!

Recently a few of us from Solent University drove to Wales to the Handheld Conference 2013 which was organised by Craig Lockwood and his partner Amy. The day had an absolutely jam-packed schedule full of great speakers from the industry. Speakers such as Jeffrey Zeldman, Mark Boulton, Andy Clarke, Jeremy Keith as well as Jon Hicks, Brendan Dawes, Syd Lawrence, Ling Valentine (I know right?!) and Eddie Machado.

They all covered a different subject like the Ten Commandments of Modern Web Design by Jeffrey Zeldman, through to How to call your client an idiot without getting fired by Andy Clarke. Syd Lawrence even had lasers! (although sadly his game didn’t work!)