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Meet Eko, the Fimo Clay Python Twitter bot

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Eko is a wireless, battery powered, 8-inch Twitter robot who can read out any tweet that contains the hashtag ekobot.

Tweet Ekobot

This is an idea that I instantly fell in love with when I came across the guys over at Paper Leaf and their twitter bot, Hugo. So this isn’t a new idea by all means, but definitely a learning curve and experience that I wanted to try out to have a break from front-end coding.

Perks of the job

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It’s important that in any field of work you’re currently in, you find positives to feel good about. Whether those positives are tucking away on the amazing BBQ Pulled Pork Burritos from the local Friska or a fantastic quote from a web design client from a previous project. The latter has influenced this particular blog post and I’d like to share it.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to David Pottrell for helping design my Social Paws website, although it was designed a while back he helps maintain it for me on a monthly cost effective price package.

Not only is it easy to navigate around but looks great too and when I want something changed I only need to ask! ~ Helen

I took on this web design project not too long ago for pet care and behaviour specialist, Helen at Social Paws. Her old website was built on a free template for WordPress which unfortunately didn’t offer the freedom and editing capabilities she needed. The website also, although rich with content, performed poorly with regards to SEO, something that definitely needed addressing.

Project Mocha coming soon

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Good morning all!

It’s that rare moment where I’m in bed, ready to start the day, but too lazy to move. So I thought I would put this time to good use and update you all on an exciting upcoming project (even had to download the WordPress iOS app for this as the laptop is downstairs)

So what’s going on? Well since August I’ve been working as a Front End Web Developer in Bristol as part of the Yoto Creative team. I’ve been working alongside some really talented developers and graphic gurus and have enjoyed every minute so far.

Happy New Year!

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I can’t believe another year has gone by! Where did 2014 actually go? I’d really like to find out…
happy new year 2015 fireworksI haven’t really got much to say other than I hope you all have a fantastic day (and night) and have set all your resolutions for 2015! I know I have!

The New, Laura Power Photography!

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It’s taken nine, none stop days to complete, but my latest project is officially complete! Laura Power’s fully responsive, Windows 8 inspired design has hints of the popular Flat UI style along with ‘live’ style widgets on the homepage, custom NextGen gallery and the ever so brilliant (in my opinion) contact form made by yours truly, check it out over at

screenshot of laura power website

Laura is definitely creative, that shows in her photography skills. It doesn’t stop there though. Laura was full of brilliant ideas throughout the project for her website making my job all that much easier. It was expected really, Laura has been photographing weddings for over 7 years now and is definitely up to professional standards.

Armed with an impressive arsenal of cameras and lenses Laura using her own style of photography and quirky attitude to relax even the most stressed out of brides. That said I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t loved her work and who hasn’t gone on to recommend her to friends and family.