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Hi guys,

Settled into the New Year yet? Yes? Great! No? I don’t blame you!

NotesWith the new year comes the resolutions. I’m a big believer of setting goals and trying to achieve them, even more so at the very start of the year as ‘uber-crazy-complicated-complex-goals’ like Reviaward for example, and my little Twitter bot, Eko. So what about 2016? Well…

Happy New Year!

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I can’t believe another year has gone by! Where did 2014 actually go? I’d really like to find out…
happy new year 2015 fireworksI haven’t really got much to say other than I hope you all have a fantastic day (and night) and have set all your resolutions for 2015! I know I have!


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You may have noticed (unless you’ve never been here before) that the website has changed!

There were a few reasons for the sudden and drastic change from the old design. Over the last three months I’ve managed to get a new permanent job, new hobbies and a new car (well, old, it’s a Mini Mayfair 1986 – slowly being restored). Essentially I’m trying my best to spend a little less time online.

New Year’s Resolutions

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Wow! It’s 2014 already? Are you serious?¬†I honestly can’t believe in just a few hours time another year has gone! That said, like with all New Years comes the resolutions and this year is no different!


Usually New Year’s Resolutions¬†starts off with dusting off those old forgotten commitments to join a gym, start a diet or to give up all those nasty bad habits you’ve picked up this year. Usually these resolutions last 2-3 days or are ‘paused’ for a year so this year I’ve decided, alongside the typical resolutions, I’m going to set myself some more unique tasks to fulfill!

So let’s begin shall we?