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How to become a Front-End Web Developer

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So you want to become a Front-End Web Developer? Great!┬áIt’s a fantastic job with many hurdles but just as many rewards.

So what skills/knowledge would set you up nicely for the job?

Front-End Web Developers create the face of a website. They work alongside web designers to create the sublime or can even craft the design themselves. They create interactive masterpieces and experiences that make the web the addictive environment it is today.

Sounds good right? Of course different employers are looking for different skills within the Front-End Developer umbrella.

Reviaward Newsletter

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Hey guys! So quite a lot of progress has been made on the Reviaward project this week.

In terms of front-end functionality, Reviaward is quickly becoming pretty solid (front-end is like a spoilt child in comparison to the admin functionality right now). With the 2nd of July quickly approaching it’s now time to focus on the secondary pages – creating the help documentation and blogging platform as well as the main admin controls (approving business accounts via the database manager isn’t as fun as it sounds… :/).