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WordPress 4.4 – Clifford

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Clifford Brown
Usually I’m not one to share WordPress news, mainly because it’s often widely reported before I get there. But I needed an excuse to test out the new WordPress 4.4 updates of course! You can read more about the Clifford 4.4 update below (in a handy new link style!) – (That I’m still trying to work out…) It works!

Reviaward Newsletter

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Hey guys! So quite a lot of progress has been made on the Reviaward project this week.

In terms of front-end functionality, Reviaward is quickly becoming pretty solid (front-end is like a spoilt child in comparison to the admin functionality right now). With the 2nd of July quickly approaching it’s now time to focus on the secondary pages – creating the help documentation and blogging platform as well as the main admin controls (approving business accounts via the database manager isn’t as fun as it sounds… :/).

Reviaward, coming very very soon!

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I’m alive! If you keep track of my whereabouts you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks. Not to worry, I’m still here – working incredibly hard on Project Mocha, which I can reveal now to be:


The review based award website to discover, recognise & promote small businesses. 

Very simply put, the idea is to create an environment whereby small businesses can submit their name, contact details and description to the website. Their customers/clients will then be able to find them and leave a review based on their experience.

Project Mocha coming soon

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Good morning all!

It’s that rare moment where I’m in bed, ready to start the day, but too lazy to move. So I thought I would put this time to good use and update you all on an exciting upcoming project (even had to download the WordPress iOS app for this as the laptop is downstairs)

So what’s going on? Well since August I’ve been working as a Front End Web Developer in Bristol as part of the Yoto Creative team. I’ve been working alongside some really talented developers and graphic gurus and have enjoyed every minute so far.

Happy New Year!

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I can’t believe another year has gone by! Where did 2014 actually go? I’d really like to find out…
happy new year 2015 fireworksI haven’t really got much to say other than I hope you all have a fantastic day (and night) and have set all your resolutions for 2015! I know I have!