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Data Label on WordPress Navigation

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Hey guys, I thought this might be of interest – nothing more than a code dump. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below!

This code snippet allows you to add data-labels to your WordPress (wp_nav_menu) navigation items. Why would you want to do this? In my particular case, I’m using it as a ‘hover state’  for a client build – When the user hovers over a menu item, the data-label scrolls in as the menu item scrolls out creating a nice little effect.

Just a heads up, this code was made on a random ‘light bulb’ moment so the code could do with some cleaning up! (I’ll get round to it eventually ;-))



Add the following into your functions.php

Add this into your header.php

Next, just add a ‘Description’ to each Menu Item via the Appearance > Menu admin page (if you can’t see the option, look top-right, toggle ‘Screen options’ and check ‘Description’).


Thoughts? Comments?

Meet Eko, the Fimo Clay Python Twitter bot

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Eko is a wireless, battery powered, 8-inch Twitter robot who can read out any tweet that contains the hashtag ekobot.

Tweet Ekobot

This is an idea that I instantly fell in love with when I came across the guys over at Paper Leaf and their twitter bot, Hugo. So this isn’t a new idea by all means, but definitely a learning curve and experience that I wanted to try out to have a break from front-end coding.

Are you a designer/developer? I need your help!

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Hi guys,

Settled into the New Year yet? Yes? Great! No? I don’t blame you!

NotesWith the new year comes the resolutions. I’m a big believer of setting goals and trying to achieve them, even more so at the very start of the year as ‘uber-crazy-complicated-complex-goals’ like Reviaward for example, and my little Twitter bot, Eko. So what about 2016? Well…

How to become a Front-End Web Developer

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So you want to become a Front-End Web Developer? Great! It’s a fantastic job with many hurdles but just as many rewards.

So what skills/knowledge would set you up nicely for the job?

Front-End Web Developers create the face of a website. They work alongside web designers to create the sublime or can even craft the design themselves. They create interactive masterpieces and experiences that make the web the addictive environment it is today.

Sounds good right? Of course different employers are looking for different skills within the Front-End Developer umbrella.

Timelapse of Not Greedy Website Development

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Ever wonder what happens when a web designer/developer gets hold of a Polaroid Cube+ during work for a client? A pretty neat little timelapse video happens that’s what! If you can bare the ‘odd’ music selection it’s definitely worth a watch :-)

Just a little preview of how the Not Greedy Media homepage was designed on the fly. Usually it takes a little longer but I had already drawn out the rough sketch on a notepad beside me.